Gautam Salhotra

Gautam Salhotra

PhD candidate in robotics

University of Southern California

I am a PhD candidate in computer science (robotics) at the University of Southern California (USC), advised by Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme. Broadly, I work on combining planning algorithms with learning to achieve greater autonomy for robots, with experience in object manipulation, control theory, and deep reinforcement learning.

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  • Robot manipulation
  • Deformable Objects
  • Learning & Optimization
  • MSc in Computer Science (Robotics & Perception), 2018

    Georgia Tech

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Control Theory), 2012

    University of Texas at Austin

  • Mechanical Engineering, 2010

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)


  • Sep 2023 The USC Robotics Seminar (URoS) is back for regular seminars from USC researchers this Fall.

  • Aug 2023 Our paper on cross-embodied learning for deformable object manipulation has been accepted to CoRL 2023! See you in Atlanta!

  • Jun 2023 Our paper on Learned Parameter Selection for Robotic Information Gathering has been accepted to IROS 2023! See you in Detroit!

  • May 2023 I started as a PhD resident at Intrinsic LLC (Alphabet).

  • Mar 2023: I completed my PhD thesis proposal.

  • Feb 2023: I am organizing the USC Robotics Seminar (URoS) along with Prof. Somil Bansal, a monthly seminar for all robotics researchers at USC to present and discuss their work.

  • Oct 2022: I presented our work on learning deformable object manipulation from expert demonstrations at IROS 2022 and the workshop on RObotic MAnipulation of Deformable Objects (ROMADO-SI).

  • Sep 2022: Two papers will be presented at the Southern California Robotics Symposium 2022.

    • Learning deformable object manipulation from demonstrations (DMfD)
    • Guided Learning of Robust Hurdling Policies with Curricular Trajectory Optimization (CTO-RL)
  • Jun - Sep 2022: I will be an Applied Scientist intern at Amazon Robotics.

  • Jun 2022: Our paper on learning deformable object manipulation from expert demonstrations has been accepted to both IEEE RA-L and IEEE IROS 2022. See you in Kyoto! (Website || RA-L link)

Work Experience

Applied Scientist Intern
Jun 2022 – Sep 2022 Greater Boston area
Researched & developed manipulation policies for delicate items.
Robotics Research Intern
Bosch Research
May 2019 – Aug 2019 California, Bay area
  • Reinforcement Learning for peg insertion tasks (environments, learning and classical control methods)
  • Developed ROS package to deploy a learned algorithm, tested on robot hardware.
Senior Software Controls Engineer
Jan 2016 – Jun 2018 Greater Boston area
  • Implemented object manipulation algorithms to pick & place cases in warehouse storage and retrieval systems (C++, python).
  • Worked on low-level controllers for actuator performance and stall detection.

Selected Publications

See Google Scholar for a full list

(2022). Learning Deformable Object Manipulation from Expert Demonstrations. In IEEE RA-L, IROS ‘22.

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(2022). Guided Learning of Robust Hurdling Policies with Curricular Trajectory Optimization. In SoCal Robotics Symposium ‘22.

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(2021). Adaptive Sampling using POMDPs with Domain-Specific Considerations. In ICRA ‘21.


(2020). Motion Planner Augmented Reinforcement Learning for Robot Manipulation in Obstructed Environments. In CoRL ‘20.

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  • Chaired ICRA 2021 session on ‘Field Robotics: Control’